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Why? A Tribute to Connecticut Tragedy

A normal school day Playing with friends in the yard Drawing animals And learning the art   Out of the blue a strange man approached He took out a rifle and many were shot No batting an eyelid or blinking … Continue reading

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Parenthood – a job not for the faint-hearted

Parenthood as a concept can only be fully understood by adults once they embark on this scary yet breathtakingly exciting journey. The woman, as the nature intended, goes through the pregnancy fearing childbirth and managing the symptoms, like morning (or as it … Continue reading

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Life journey

Horrid nightmares Living on edge Going through childhood and wishing you were dead   Begging for mercy Not seeing the light Eventually finding the courage to fight   Years go by You move on in life You seek to belong … Continue reading

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Think before you speak

How many times have you said something without thinking and regretted saying it the minute those words came out of your mouth?  Most of us have done it plenty of times to know that unpleasant feeling that overtakes your inner … Continue reading

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